Example ProjectsΒΆ

  • example-servant-minimal:

    A minimal example for a web server written using servant-server, including a test-suite using hspec and servant-client.

  • stack-templates

    Repository for templates for haskell projects, including some templates using servant. These templates can be used with stack new.

  • custom-monad:

      A custom monad that can replace `IO` in servant applications. It adds among
      other things logging functionality and a reader monad (for database connections).
      A full usage example of servant/diener is also provided.
  • example-servant-elm:

    An example for a project consisting of

    • a backend web server written using servant-server,
    • a frontend written in elm using servant-elm to generate client functions in elm for the API,
    • test-suites for both the backend and the frontend.